Lawblrs flock together.

Remember last week when I posted about how I was a freak and learned to read really young?

It wasn’t just me - 



Of course these two, who I may as well have gone to law school with, were freaks like me.

Just keep swimming, my friends.  We were ahead of the pack then and we’re ahead of the pack now.

  1. perkieandmowgli said: Oh I also did that. Lawblrs for the win.
  2. haygirlhay said: samesies - people thought i was a rain child when i entered school ALREADY KNOWING HOW TO READ.
  3. assumingarguendo said: I missed that post, but I also learned how to read really young — I think I was around 4. And my mom doesn’t remember my first word. She says I “just started speaking in sentences.”
  4. jodilyn said: I’m not a lawyer, but a journalist! I learned to read super early, but my mom was also a Kindergarten teacher and started me early (way before I started school), so that may be why.
  5. colleendeezy said: Oh-ho! Calling me out on my secret confessions, are you? THAT WAS BETWEEN US AND WHOEVER READ YOUR NOTES, LILI! Just kiddingggg. Ducks really do fly together. Quack, etc.
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